Garage door opener logic board

keithevJune 19, 2010

I have a Craftsman door opener and I think that lightening fried my logic board. Any Idea how you open it up to reach the logic board?

Also the green light on my receiving sensor is out. Could this just be beause of the logic board or do i need to replace the sensors?

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The light out on the sensor sure could be part of your logic board problem. To get to the logic board you need to remove the cover from the motor unit. There are 2 screws on each side. Check the logic board from burnt or missing traces on the printed circuit especially around the small transformer. Be sure to note the location of all the white wires on the end of the unit. They all look the same but are not.

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Even if you don't find any visible indicators of a lightning strike, the logic board may still be fried from the strike. Not all lightning damage is visible.

I had lightning take out a logic board, and it still looked brand new.

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hi. i have a marantec m-4700 and since a recent power outage, now when the door closes and hits the ground, it reverses. i reset the travel and force but still have an issue. can someone plz confirm if this sounds like it is the logic board?

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Thanks for the help on getting to the logic board. When I called Sears Parts, they said that it looked like all I had to do was pull the back end of the unit down and back. I could tell that was wrong and I really didn't feel comfortable standing on a ladder and trying to force the issue. Once I removed the screws (on my unit they are in the front next to the lightbulbs) the cover came off easily and so did the logic board. The replacement board (an identical cheaper Liftmaster board)solved the problem.

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