best upholstery fabric for sofa?

carolb447August 28, 2008

What is a good durable fabric for a sofa/loveseat? Looking for furniture for my living room, have 2 children and a dog(yes, he jumps on the sofa). I know leather is great, I currently have it in my family room, and don't want it in my living room. I also don't like microfiber.

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Polyester blends are good avoid too much Rayon. Also Cotton though natural is not well wearing. Go for a heavy weave, chenille, velveteen or something like that.

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Here's what I was told yesterday by a furniture salesperson (older man who had been told it by a rep). Dont know how right or wrong he is.

Rayon is super strong and good in a blend. He says the bad rep Rayon has especially with women is from cheaply made 100% rayon dresses, especially in the early 90s. He said that rayon was made with acetate or something which breaks down the fiber so people got really unhappy with with it. The Rayon in furniture is not made with acetate. He also said viscose is the generic name for Rayon which is a brand name.

He also said Olefin was almost like nylon, hard to stain, very durable but felt awful especially after some wear because of its nylon almost metal like properties. Hard to stain because the stuff is so impervious they have to use special techniques just to get it to take a dye which is why you only see olefin in a limited number of colors.

I think that a blend of poly and rayon with maybe a touch of cotton for a nice feel would be good. With the kids maybe no cotton.

I don't understand the negativity about cotton. Jeans are cotton, they last forever. You don't want all cotton, it stretches. But I don't think cotton is bad. Thats just my take.

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100% cotton is often not very color fast with either cleaning or light exposure. It is also very difficult to get clean as it locks onto stains. Due to short fiber length (inches) abrasion can leave it with a frosted look due to fibrillation (showing fiber ends). It was popular here a few years ago from one store that I serviced and the universal comment was, "Why did the sales person sell me this when I told them I had three kids and a dog?!"

Rayon chenille will not tolerate water. A spilled drink or even water sweating off a glass or can will leave a permanent mark. It is quite odd because from one viewing angle it looks light, from the opposite it looks dark, and from the middle it looks OK. It also tends to mat down over time in high use areas such as seat cushions.

Olefin is made from petroleum. It cleans well except for petroleum based stains.

I am looking for new furniture now. The problem I have is that I cannot find any fabrics that we like the pattern and I'll accept the fiber content.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cleaning chenille

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Interesting info. I have real hand knotted "persian" rugs that look light and dark from different directions and have noticed that with some of the tapestry type upholstery fabrics I've looked at. Still I wonder, that is a carpet site, wouldn't they manufacture carpet and upholstery somewhat differently?

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