Minwax Espresso #273

thisishishouseMay 24, 2014

I was picking up some stain samples the other day and happened to see on the shelf a few different Minwax colors that aren't on their color chart, or even on their website. Are these new colors, discontinued colors, or what? I only remember Espresso, Weathered Oak, and a Gray, but there some others.

Anyone know anything about these? Is minwax just bad at marketing that new colors would appear without any corresponding info on the web, or a press release or anything? I suspect that they're discontinued colors, which is why there's no mention of them.

I'm particularly interested in Espresso. We're looking for a dark brown. Darker than Jacobean, but a bit lighter than Ebony.

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Other company releases their new product without corresponding announcement or advertisement. It has happened when they want to test if that their product is salable or not. They can phase-out that item anytime.

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I'm curious what you were able to find out. I can't seem to tell the difference between Espresso and Jacobean on Red Oak...

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Sophie Wheeler

It's still Minwax. Who cares? Same crappy quality as the rest of it. Go to a real paint store or woodworkers store and buy decent quality products.

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I've made samples of the other two colors but not Espresso. You might not see a difference on a smaller sample that would be evident on a whole floor or piece of furniture. I'm guessing that this is between Jacobean and Ebony and maybe a bit less red that Jacobean.

PS There's nothing wrong with the quality of Minwax stain in my experience.

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For closure's sake, I spoke with Minwax. Espresso is a color offered only at Home Depot. It is Minwax's second darkest color. The most dark is Ebony. I plan on using Dark Walnut.

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