Liftmaster transmitters not working

danmasulloJune 25, 2006

I have an older model Liftmaster. All of a sudden, the transmitters will not operate the door. The unit works fine when using the wall switch, but of course it is hard wired to the unit. I have checked the batteries on the transmitters and they seem to be working fine (at least the LED lights up when button is depressed). Is this a receiver issue? If so, what does the receiver do, and how do I replace it?

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Does the wall switch have 3 buttons? If so, press and hold the one with the pad lock icon for 3 seconds and release. Now try the remotes. If this isn't the case then I would suspect the receiver which is part of the logic board and runs around $75.00 plus labor if you are not inclined. If the unit is over 10 years or close to it I would suggest you purchase a new one.

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Unfortunately, the wall switch has one button (it looks like a doorbell button). I could change out the receiver, but you're right, probably just better to buy a new unit. Thanks for all of the help.

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