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cjwrightJune 6, 2007

Discuss back in Sept. of 2006 talked about the GF-14 garage/attic fans not being up to code and no link to the fan on RE Williams website due to code.

The website now states:"In compliance with local building codes, garages have 5/8 inch fire-rated drywall and a self-closing fire-rated entry door. The GF-14 has a fire damper that automatically closes in the event of a garage fire keeping the flames out of the attic. And the self lubricating, continuous duty fan motor stops so it doesn't feed a garage fire with air"

Have they changed this to now meet code? I am looking to purchase one but want to make sure my house is fire protected.

Any other fans to cool my garage and attic without cutting a whole in my roof would be appreciated.


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