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PaulaCarreonMay 24, 2012

Hi! I'm new here but I hope someone can help me. I just had Home Legends Solid Bamboo floor installed (purchased at Home Depot but had a professional installer put them in). I realize that I used a cheap Bamboo but I have been having this bamboo installed one room at a time & I do love it. We are not careless and all is OK until.....I had it installed in my Living & Dining Room. My first problem....glue.....the glue came off but left spots which I was told to remove with WD40 & Magic Eraser. It took about 95% of the etching stains off. Then problem #2. We cannot walk on the floor without leaving marks......Home Legends told me to use Denatured Alcohol & distilled water to remove the greasy residue caused by the WD40. A little better but still marks where we walk, very unattractive. So......I want to use some product on my floor that might help this. But the mfg states not to use anything on the floor. I guess it's because the floor has an Aluminum Oxide finish. Can I use BONA REFRESHER since it's not a wax? I just don't want to ruin my floors completely, but yet I want to use another protectant. I cannot believe that a floor can be manufactured with no way to protect it. I really appreciate any input. On another forum someone just said "Rip them out & re-do" haven't won the lottery yet so that would take me awhile, especially after just putting almost $4000.00 into this project. The floors aren't that bad (they are correctly installed). I'm just puzzled why every time we walk across the floor it shows our tracks. I'm frustrated to say the least. That's why I want to put a protectant over this floor! Thank you!

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We had bamboo put in our bedroom last year, but it was Shaw and it's been great other than a small dent that I have not idea how it got there. However, we don't wear shoes in the house because we'd bring in way too much stuff when we enter from the garage (slippers or socks only). We started doing that years ago when we had an Armstrong vinyl floor and we were always cleaning marks off the kitchen floor. Hope someone else may have a better suggestion.

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We clean our hardwood floors (some bamboo, some brazilian cherry) with a steam sweeper/broom type of thing. They cost around $75-100 or so.

That'll get the floor clean of grease and residue without affecting the AlOx finish. As far as protecting the flooring itself, there's not much better than a good factory applied AlOx finish.

Are your "tracks" shoe tread tracks? If so, use a floor mat at your doorways. If we have a lot of teens over the house, we do occasionally get "sweaty feet" sock prints on the floor. A quick once-over with the steamer and they are gone.

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You should have gotten the Home Depot to look at it before using anything. They would have made the installer correct or replace anything ruined. Glue coming through is not acceptable and you should not have to clean it up.
I installed for HD and Lowes as well as Sherwin Williams and other stores. I was required to carry General Liability Insurance with the store listed on the policy. The corporate offices ALL required this insurance.
I would call HD and get someone out there and do not take no for an answer. Go to the store manager or corporate if necessary. Continue up the ladder until someone agrees with you. They truly do want you happy, but only as cheaply as possible. If it has to be ripped up, the installer, or if it is defective the manufacturer, should pay not you.
I have seen the problem on another installer's job. The coating is probably ruined because of the glue. I have put down bamboo and never had the problems you discuss.
Be aware the installer is going to blame the manufacturer and/or you. He doesn't want to buy the floor. Don't mention the WD 40 unless asked directly.
I would hold off doing anything else to the floor until they have a look and decide.
Best of luck.

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We had bamboo floor installed on entire first floor of our home. Dark brown. It looks beautiful when it's clean- right after cleaning. But 2 min later when family members walk with socks on or bare feet there are sweat spots from feet on the floor. I called the store and asked what to use to clean the floor. They recommended BRUCE ( home depot only) and it works great ,it removes the spots but please do I have to wash the flloor every day like I have nothing else to do... I don't know what is on top of that floor that reacts with sweat leaving light colored spots . I thought maybe it is because of the dark color that this is so visible but I know somebody who has the same color of real wooden floor and does not have this problem at all- I know it for sure. If I could turn back time I would not put that floor. The same color -yes but not bamboo.

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