Crafstmans 139.53985D Garage Door opener doe snot close the door

teskicksJune 30, 2007


I have installed the garage door opener listed in the subject but at first it would not open all the. It would stop about 10 inches short of fully open. I tried using the force adjustment screws but that did not help. It appears the distance of travel for the trolley is not long enough. I thought that maybe it would help to adjust where the chain starts on the sprocket so I took the whole thing down and moved the chair on the sprocket so that it would start at the point where I need the trolley to be for the door to be fully open. Now the door will not close all the way. It stops about 6 inches from closing. I guess I gained 4 inches. I am at a loss as to what to do. Can anyone help?

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on the side of the motor, there should be a travel adjustment setting. hopefully this will help.

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I have already tried those and have the force maxed out. The door still does not travel the full distance open and close.

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Try this. Loosen the chain enough so that you can remove it from the sprocket atop the motor. Now run the motor until the sprocket turns counterclockwise and stops. With the door in the open position replace the chain and tighten. I am sure you will have to reset the up and down limits. Let us know. Be sure to properly reset the force adjustments. They affect the safety.

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okay, this may be a little more complicated then. unplug the opener, take the cover off the motor, and take a look at the limit switches. look for the three white plastic screws on a black plastic piece. youll have to take the circuit board out to look. make sure that the white screws are all snapped into the piece that holds the whole assembly. while you are looking at the limits, you can see exactly how they work and may see why the door wont go all the way. hope this helps. by the way, UNPLUG THE OPENER BEFORE YOU TAKE THE COVER OFF!

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The opener wil click and go dead,if I tap the unit with a stick it will work for a while and again it will stop working until I tap it again. The sensor lights work ok, the light bulb goes out at the same time, it seems as if the whole system "dies" and a tap will help.I checked wires,connections out and inside the unit. Could the logic board have a bad connection? Is that possible although as I said I pushed and wiggled all wires etc.

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