Laminate with a Flush Stair-nose

bfg35May 13, 2010

I'm looking at High Gloss Laminates for a Home I am purchasing and would really like to finish the stairs with a brand that has a flush stair-nose. So far I've only found Bruce Park Avenue and Chelsea Park, as well as Armstrong Illusions and Grand Illusions. Are there any other brands/lines that have a flush mount stair-nose molding?

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You don't need to worry about finding one if you have a woodworker make you one. That is what I did with my laminate install. That piece will get A LOT of abuse so I opted for a woodworker to make it out of hard rock maple and stain and varnish it to match my new laminate. It looks awesome and much better than the pieces sold with laminate flooring (which are vinyl wrapped only).

BTW, he made all my transitions as well. I had the options of buying them from Bruce (I have the Park Avenue flooring) but the real wood transitions and flush stair nose give a more upscale look to the install. Worth every penny!

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I think we may have extremely different budgets Susan. If you don't mind me asking how much did it end up costing you to have the stair nose made?

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I'm not sure how much that one individual piece cost out of the total job. To the best of my memory, to custom fabricate one flush stair nose, 6 standard doorway (30-36")transitions, and 3 very wide open door frame transitions out of maple, stained and varnished and installed it was about $800. I priced the pieces from Bruce and it was costly as well, just not quite this expensive. Oh, and he fit 3 pieces around my raised fireplace hearth as well in that bid.

Naturally, there is a base set up fee in that cost to set up his machinery, custom mix stain, etc that would be there regardless if the woodworker makes 1 or 10 pieces. So it's only worth it if you are going to have him make all your transition pieces.

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Yep completely different budgets... I wish I could afford that but I really can't. Thank you for the suggestion.

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So does anyone else know of any other brands?

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It's been a year since the last post, but in case you haven't yet installed your laminate, QuickStep makes the flush stair nose in select colors. They also have a profile that's currently available in europe that can be used for creating flush stair nose, but it will be available in the US in mid 2012.

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