More Craftsman Garage Door Opener Problems?

TommycJune 10, 2006

Modell 139.53636SRT Been having range problems. Then the it opens for a foot, returns, etc etc,to the point I can't even use it. Continually. I have disconnected all the opener units including the sensors. I can still plug the opener in to electric and still the opener does the same. Even Disconnected the trolley from the door to see if it stopped. Still stop and go, stop and go. Also the little green lED that you press to configure the codes continues to FLICKER. I thought this only comes on when you press it. I have had this since Oct 1994. Now I'm wondering since I have 4 remote units at $39 a piece, can I use them on a new one I purchase? I'd hate to get a new unit and then have to toss the old remotes, and then buy new ones for the new unit. Any advice would help.

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If you purchase a new door opener according to the information I have you can program your existing 4 remotes but the remotes that come with the new unit will not work. If you program the new remotes then your 4 remotes will not work.

The little green LED will always randomly flicker. If you key your remote it will flicker rapidly.

It sounds like you have a bad RPM sensor. It is a small printed circuit board in front of the motor. You might try replacing that.

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Well I just went out and bought a new opener. It was $179 for the 3/4 Horse from sears. So now I have extra remotes that are still working good. Maybe I'll put sign up in the yard and sell them for $20. They are $39 in Sears new. My new opener is the 315 mhz type. Another question is can I use the old safety sensors for anything? The new ones are alot smaller and I will use them with the new package.

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I would definitely save your old sensors. I am sure they will work if you have a problem with the new ones.

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After pressing the inside garage door opener button, the garage door goes up only 2 ft, then stops. A next push of the button sends the door successfully back down, closed.
Multiple trys produces the same result: partway up -- all the way down. Nothing is blocking the doorway sensor and all machinery and connections are intact. ANY SUGGESTIONS?

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Take a real good look at the door springs. One could be broken. If not, on the rear of the motor unit near where all those white wires go you will find a control marked 'up force'. Turn it about a 1/4 turn and try. Adjust as necessary. Do not adjust the 'down force'. This affects the safety system.

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