Sears Garage Door Opener Model 139-53973SRT

shooter65June 9, 2010

Since a thunder storm and a close by lightening strike yesterday, the motor on my Sears Garage Door Opener will not operate.

There is a little green light on the back that blinks and has a green square button below it. I have tried pushing the button in hopes that it is a reset button but no luck.

Since the green light blinks, I know the unit is getting electicity. I have tried both the wall mount button as well as two remotes with no luck.

I have unpluged the motor from the electric outlet for 60 seconds and repluged it to see if there was a reset needed and still no luck.

Anyone out there with any ideas? Would much rather fix the problem that replace the unit.

Thanks for any help or ideas you might have.


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You are going to need to pull the board from the motor unit and check for burnt or missing traces on the printed circuit especially around the small transformer. Lightening and power surges love garage door openers. The button you pressed is for programming the opener. It won't help to do that.

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I have a Sears Garage Door Opener Model 139.186006. A remote that looks identical to mine was recently purchased, I reset the code inside it and it doesn't open the door. I don't have a button that allows the remote to "learn". Any thoughts? ARe all the remotes the same if they look identical?

Much appreciated.

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There are many remotes that look alike but are on different radio frequencies. They will not work with one another. Your opener is very old and I don't think you can even buy the correct remote. Time to think of a new opener. They are much safer today.

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