Disable sensors on craftsman garage

uicnowJune 19, 2007

I am having the problem that a lot of people have in here.

can someone please tell me if it is possible to disable the eye sensors for the craftsman garage? Just like the other people in here I can open the garage with my remote but cant close it because one of the eyes got damaged when we accidently backed into (DUMMY) LOL

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You can't bypass the sensors. You need the model number of your opener to order the sensors. It looks like this: 139.XXXXXsrt2. You can get them at Sears or probably your local door opener dealer.

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the door will not work if the sensors are not hooked up and working. where you install them is up to you...wink wink.

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I've done that,above the door.Not too safe,though.

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Hi, I have the exactly same problem as uicnow's. Hopefully, it is working after replacing one sensor. I noticed that one sensor is green, the other is yellow.

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greatsky: the green light is the transmit light and the amber one is the receive light. if they are not on, the beam is out of alignment and the opener will not work.


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