Buying a sectional - Lilly Laine, Lee Industries or Jonathan Loui

jbstxAugust 26, 2009

I am looking at purchasing a couple sectionals for our home. First is a higher end for the living room and I'm considering Lee Industries or Lilly Laine. I've heard great things about Lee and feel confident that they produce great products, but the price tag is about $1,000 more for what appears to be the same construction as Lilly Laine. Unfortunately, I haven't been about to find out anything about Lilly Laine. Has anyone heard of them? Can you offer any insight into the reputation, etc?

Secondly, I am looking at a Jonathan Louis sectional for another room in our home. It seems to be more reasonably priced, but wondered if anyone can comment on the quality.

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer!

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Dear jbstx and also others who are thinking of a sectional style sofa. Please talk about the reason you prefer a sectional over a sofa with 2 arms or maybe a loveseat size or a couple of chairs in the room. I just think you can do much more with this type of arrangement and add some nice tables or ottomans.
Sectionals will never sit as comfortable as a 2 arm sofa or chair. Your almost always stuck with that arrangement when you move. Their is so much more selections for styling and sizes than sectionals.
Is just because you need to fill-up a room?
Sorry for this and not answering your original question.

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Regarding Jonathan Louis- A lot of what Macy's sells are his designs. The reviews at Macy's rave about them. I have been looking at him too and I am also in the sectional market. What a long haul it's been!

Regarding sofa's vs sectionals- Perhaps if design is your only consideration. We are a growing family that actually uses our living area. Design is very important to me but so is comfort and being able to enjoy my family. Many design elements in a room demand the need to consider a sectional in order to provide both comfort and function. I am not interested in the ability to re-arrange furniture since I have decided a sectional best fits my design and fits the function of my room.

Perhaps if I was not confident in my design style and long term goals I would buy a sectional to fill a room, but most people considering a sectional have given the idea a great deal of thought since sectionals are limiting and a great deal more pricey than a sofa and a couple chairs. Hope that answers your question on why some people prefer to purchase a sectional.

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Thanks for this response "never_ending", that is exactly what I was referring to; careful consideration before purchasing a sectional.

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