Garage Door bounces

higgledyJune 4, 2011

I have two garage doors, both with LiftMaster openers. One of the garage doors bounce when it first begins to open, but then smooths-out. I am think this is movement is not good for the opener's gears.

Does anyone know what causes a garage door to bounce when it first begins to open? If needed, I can make and post a video clip youtube. Thank you.

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The door needs to be in balance and have all of the hardware operating smoothly, without sticking or binding. This is checked with the door disconnected from the opener.
The door should be in neutral balanced with the springs when the bottom is about 4 foot off of the floor. The hardware (rollers, rails, etc) should be adjusted so as not not allow excessive side-play.
Sticking between the door face and the jamb on one side as the door goes up is frequently the cause of bouncing, and no, it's not good for the GDO.

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Thanks. I'll check the jamb for starters.

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