hurricane proof garage doors

diana3June 18, 2007

I live in a hurricane area and need new garage doors. Has anyone info on type of doors and openers best suited for this weather condition? I know there are hurricane proof doors but don't know the specifications to look for.


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I have no idea on brands for hurricane doors b/c I don't work in a hurricane area. However you are looking for I believe what is called a wind rating when buying them. Also they make hurricane enforcement brackets as well that are installed when a hurricane is expected to hit. Might want to look into one of those as well.

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Wind rating makes sense. I dont want to retro fit the doors as they are old and not well made. Same thing for a steel bracket.

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Anyone that is selling garage doors in Florida will sell you wind code doors. They have no choice since anything else will not pass inspection. I have a Clopay with the steel beams. It has gone through three storms with no problems. It hardly moved when it was getting hit by +100mph winds from Wilma. The only negative is that you do lose some height when the door is open due to the big beams.

Here is a link that might be useful: Clopay

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i work at a wayne dalton in florida. any garage door sold in certain areas of florida will be wind loaded. if u live in dade county, the code is for a higher door than if u live in gainesville. any garage door company in your area should be able to tell you what is code for that area. be carefull though. some door companies will sell u their entire wharehouse just to make a few bucks. call a reputable dealer.

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