Non Sanded epoxy grout color Bone - anyone use it

lindydMay 3, 2012

Is the epoxy non sanded bone color similar to the non sanded regular grout - polymer from Home Depot. The brand we are using in Tex Rite. I am concerned that it will be too yellow or dark. Also concerned because with have a tight grout line and I have heard it is hard to fill the grout line. My highly recommed installer has turned out to be a jerk - rushing the job etc.

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Colours vary tremendously from one manufacturer to another. Where is the tile and how wide is the joint? Much depends on that.

An eighth of an inch can be filled with either sanded or unsanded. I've used TexRite quite a lot and it's decent grout. Typically, the colour you see when it's dry is pretty close to what it will be after it's cured. Looks much darker when it's wet or being put in...

If it happens to be a shower floor you're doing....I'd pass on the epoxy and use "QuartzLock" grout. Good for big and small grout joints and much easier to use & clean than epoxy.

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Thank you so much for the info and advice. My tile is 18x18 in kitchen and living area. We will either use unsanded bone from Home Depot, or classic ivory from floor and decor. Your opinion is welcome on either of these products. Have been upset with the installer. He was suppose to use ceramaflex over hydrorite. Instead, he used a quick set in the kitchen over hydrorite and upon protest, he used ceramaflex and hydrorite in the rest of the area. Though highly recommended, he has tried to rush the job. Now the problem is using light grout over the gray adhesives. I would have fired him but have no time to find another installer. This condo is in the Galveston area so there are few choices. I was happy to know that the grout color is pretty close to the powder color when it's dry. Have you used Classic Ivory from Floor and Decor. Made by Great Northern. Thanks again.

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Sorry, I've not used it....but as long as it's a latex/polymer fortified grout (almost all are) you should be fine with it.

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