Quich hlep needed, contractor put red oak next to white oak

zzttMay 17, 2012

I just realized my general contractor put new red oak new to my existing white oak floor. Now I do not know how to refinish it and make it match.

After talking to a few flooring people, some suggested me to sand the whole thing and stain all in one color. What be will a good DuraSeal stain color that can minimize the color difference? I prefer a warm medium brownish color. Yet I was told darker color might work better.

Or I should have the flooring contractor adjust different stain colors to even the two different oaks?

Does anyone have experience with similar issue and what is your solution? Thanks in advance.

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Ive faced that issue a couple of times. Trying to stain one species to match the other is impossible. Well too hard to deal with. A medium brown color will help cut down on the obvious difference. And darker will help even more. If you dont want to stain. Tell your GC to rip it up and lay the correct wood. Its his stupid mistake and dont let him con you into paying the difference.

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I agree with gregmills. I have encountered this also. A professional custom floor finisher can get them close, but just that. You cannot change the basic color of the materials, nor disguise the difference in grain appearance.

Darker may help cover the mistake, but you have to decide if that is acceptable. If you decide to try that...then ask that a side by side sampling be done to get an idea of what the two species might look like after staining...before you agree to that.

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