2' oak strip flooring - nail size?

beersMay 28, 2010

I'm installing face nailed red oak strip flooring, 2" by 5/16". I've read that 15 gauge nails are the best size, but I already own a 16 gauge nailer - will 16 gauge 1 1/2" or 2" nails be strong enough? Especially with it being a 5/16" instead of a 3/4" floor?

The planks are being nailed on a 2x6 T&G subfloor on 4' beams. Nails put in every 7".



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Why are you going to face nail narrow strip flooring?

It often leads to splitting as the wood swells and shrink throughout the year with changes in humidity.

Only one edge of T&G flooring is fastened leaving the wood free to move.

Face nailing is not going to stop the movement.

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I'm face nailing to both match the rest of the oak flooring in the house (which is all 2" and face nailed) and since the 5/16" strip flooring isn't T&G, just straight planks.

I'm just wondering if the 16 gauge nails would be fine or should I rent a 15 gauge nailer.

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15 ga is closer to a full head finish nail than the t-shaped heads on a 16 ga, so I'd use the 15, and try to adjust the depth so the drive pin doesn't go into the wood, because that makes for an ugly jagged hole.
It's an awful lot of nail holes to fill any way you go.

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