Backing In - How to know when to stop?

brcooksJune 17, 2008

We just organized our garage with new cabinets and can now get both cars parked inside (yeah!!). However, since we back in (due to rear-entry and limited turn around space), many of the usual methods, such as the hanging tennis ball don't work for us. Might work with the husband's Camry, but not so great with my minivan and the straight back window that is hard to see. I bought some laser sensors, but haven't opened the package yet. It looks like I would still need to see where the beams hit the part of the car I can't see when backing in. Also, we have cabinets along the wall opposite the door, so we can't mount the distance-sensing units on that wall. Comments on the guides that sit on the floor indicate that they move and are therefore unreliable.

Does anyone know of a laser system that would work especially well for our situation?

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Never mind. Problem solved! I determined that the laser beams work, just have to aim for something we can see (like on the dash).

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just so others know, a tennis ball would still work. you simply hang it so that it hits the back window. you DO look behind you as you back up don't you?

another option is to get car stops and place them on the floor where your rear wheels stop. once you feel the vehicle hit them, you stop. a simple and cheap version is to just nail/glue down a couple pieces of 2x4.

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