Tips/Techniques to level a stone pad for shed

mrmichaeljmooreJune 30, 2008

I need some help leveling the stone for my shed pad.

I have a 12' x 18' pad that is surrounded in 6"x6" PT timbers.

Inside the box, I have about 5" of 3/4" native stone.

The stone pretty much fills the box all the way to the lip.

I will be ordering an Amish built shed here in the next few weeks. In order for the shed to sit perfectly level, I need to make sure the stone is perfectly level.

I've worked the stone back and forth with my stone rake.....I've tried to level it by eye.....but I want to make sure it is perfect (as possible)...don't want my shed to wobble or settle uneven.

Once I get the stone level, I will tamp it down.

Anyone have any tips/tricks/techniques for making sure the stone is perfectly level??


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First make sure the 6"X6" frame is level, than add some more stone so that its higher than the frame, than get a 2X6X14' long and with a helper place the 2X6 on the frame and slide it back and forth moving the higher stones to the lower areas. Basically you will use the 2X6 to smooth everything out even with the top of the 6X6 frame, tamp it down and than check for levelness again.

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Buy a string level or laser level. Forget your eye.

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I just had that problem too but I hired the stone brought in. Bad job leveling it. So with rake I redid it as suggested above, tapered the sides for run off of rain and stomped on wood panel layed over to pack it down evenly.

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