Concrete Driveway cleaning/top coat suggestions?

karynJune 10, 2013

We have a small issue on the driveway of a rental house we occupy - a golf cart's batteries were rinsed off and left dark stains running down the driveway - we've cleaned it fairly well with household cleaner - but some residual remains. (see photo) We could keep going but as you can see it only makes the "clean" area much lighter than the original.

The landlord wants it "back to the way it was" - so we need to further clean or discolor it to match the old driveway. It's NOT very much area - only about 10 yards long and 4 yards wide at most.

We're not sure which way to go - sandblast, acidwash or some type of spray top coat (just very thin/light), IT ONLY HAS TO LAST ONE MONTH - we are leaving in August and do not care about the long term look or health of the driveway. It is an old crappy cracked discolored driveway anyway - on a shoddy property - he is only trying to extort money out of this!

Any suggestions?

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Have you tried power washing it? It might not completely eliminate the stain but the whole driveway would probably look a lot better and it might satisfy the homeowner. There's always somebody around doing cheap power washing or you can rent one.

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Thanks - we are trying an acid wash and power wash combo tomorrow - here's the before video -

Here is a link that might be useful: Before AcidWash+PowerWash

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Looking at that video I'm thinking you will see a big difference. Even if it is not completely gone your landlord should be pretty happy with the effort. Good Luck. -KH

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Here's a follow up video now - with Before/After split screen. There is a huge difference.

So far we have only done spot acid treatment of the stains, and power wash to it, but it is significantly better overall.

It's so much better than it was, we're hoping this will pass without any issues. I think if we had to go to court, a judge would rule that we improved the appearance more than enough to compensate for any perceived "damage". We will try to get him to sign off on it before trying anything else.

Here is a link that might be useful: Before/After Powerwash Video

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the suspense is killing me...what is the verdict/outcome?

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This shows the result after a powerwash and spot treatments using "The Works" at full strength for short periods of time applied direct to the stain. It's mostly gone, but still some marks show. Since it was originally DARK orange/brown stains, this is hopefully enough to be acceptable - the overall appearance of the driveway is significantly better than it was - so if anything we have improved the condition.

Here is a link that might be useful: Before/After video split screen

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