Garage door does not open (trolley stuck)

rusa7June 22, 2013

Hi all,
My garage door started misbehaving and finally stopped opening. The other day I closed the garage door but it opened up right away after closing. After a couple of attempts it stopped opening altogether.

When I press the opener on the wall the chain just shakes /rattles and gives up.

I have detached the door from the trolley and am manually lifting up the door to get the cars out.

The gear and sprocket looks fine. But I changed it out just to be sure but same behavior

If I disconnect the chain the motor rotates fine.

But if I connect the chain back all it does is the chain tightens up very hard but the trolley does not budge even though I have the garage door disengaged

The trolley is on garage door end (not on the opener end). I disconnected the chain and pressed the wall switch to make sure the gear rotated clockwise so that it would be as if garage door was closed. The garage door is still disengage. Then I connected the chain back and pressed the button on the wall to see if the trolley would reverse. Motor just hums and chain tightens up. Trolley does not move towards garage opener side.

Any idea what I should check for ? Should I increase the limits or the force?

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Hi all,
Restating the problem..ï§

Trolley is on door side. Not against stop bolt on the opener side. Garage door no longer opens

What I have tried so far:

Replaced gear and sprocket. It did not make a difference

Removed chain from gear. Disconnected garage door. Motor turns fine clockwise and anticlockwise with chain removed

Connect chain. Garage still door disconnected. Press wall switch to open. Chain tightens on one side but trolley does not reverse. The other side of the chain is loose. But one side is really tight

With chain tight on one side, try one more time. Just a small buzz and GDO blinks 5 times and does that over and over. No movement

I have not changed the limits or the force.

From what I have read, it appears that the problem can be any of the following
- Limits or Force out of adjustment
- Starting capacitor
- RPM sensor
- Bad logic board or a cold solder on the logic board
- Gear and Sprocket

Can anyone guide me on the next step to troubleshoot. I already bought the gear and sprocket but it did not fix the problem. I want to avoid buying the capacitor, RPM sensor or logic board.


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