Craftsman Garage Door Opener Light Blinking Continuously

electronicsnsJune 3, 2007

I attempted to open my Craftsman belt-drive opener (model 139.53914D) yesterday afternoon with the remote and it wouldn't open. I entered the garage and the light bulbs in the unit were flashing on and off continuously. I unplugged the unit and plugged it back in to see if it would reset the opener, but the same problem persisted. I know that the lights blinking a certain number of times indicate a specific problem, but mine are blinking continuously and extremely fast. Does this indicate that the motor is locked up???? Thanks in advance for any help.......


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I could be wrong but I thought a continuously blinking light meant that the opener thought the door was obstructed. Check the alignment/function of the door sensors.

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Are you referring to the large light bulbs or the small LEDs? The large lights will blink 10 times when you try to close the door and the sensors are blocked or misaligned. They do not normally blink when you open the door. If you are referring to the small LED it is common for it to blink occasionally. If it is blinking and then pausing it may be a code.

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