New old garage - some questions

herusJune 3, 2007

Home is 14 yrs old, we moved in about two months ago and used Behr products to degrease/prime/epoxy coat in a light blue color. Results look acceptable if not great. I have heard that hot tires will melt the paint and ruin both the floor and the tires' cosmetics.

As we have not yet parked in the garage due to boxes from the move, I would like to be proactive about this. The last of the boxes is due to depart this week, and although I have googled for 'garage floor mats' I have not found what I would like. Well, I guess I did, but at over $200 a pop, a bit pricey.

Any recommendations? It would be nice for the mat to incorporate a 'stop bump' feature but if not, that's ok. Mainly I want to protect the floor from tire heat/dirt but a plus would be fluid containment. Up to about $100 per car would be about what I'd like to spend. Thanks!

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Why not just use an old rug in conjunction with a concrete stop(bricks ??) and a large drip pan..
I have doubts if anyone has thought of manufacturing these items as a package yet specifically for this purpose..
Maybe next year...and, of course, made in China....

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Unless the Behr stuff is garbage, I really wouldn't worry about it. You just need to change your parking habits. I have an Epoxy floor sealed with 4 coats of 2part Urethane and alls I do is leave the car outside for about 20min and let the tires cool down. I only do this when I have been driving the car for more then an hour. Most of the time the tires are never very hot after short 20min trips, so I just park it in the garage. On the other hand my DW, who often ignores my "hot-tire" rule, has driven on it with hot tires several times and it has had no effect so far. My floor is 5 months old and still looks as good as the day it was installed.

As for stuff dropping on it, I have found nothing that sticks. Water is probably the worst thing that gets on it, since you can't see it and it makes the floor slippery. I was told the only thing that can eat it is brake fluid that is left on it for more then 48 hours. I was also told by my installer that they can fix it if an area goes bad. I really wouldn't worry about it.

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