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DIYer.GuyMay 24, 2012

I have a 50's house that has the entire first floor with 9x9 VAT (15% chrysotile) tiles over a slab. The tiles pop up very easy and can be removed carefully without breaking them. The black cut back adhesive has 3% asbestos.

Originally, We planned to remove tile and adhesive and grind the concrete down to prepare it for concrete stain. But after discovering the asbestos, our plan has changed. Also, the black cutback penatrates and stains the slab to the point where grinding won't remove the appearance of the tile lines completely. I call it "ghosting" And that doesn't look good with a stained concrete floor.

Now we plan to use an epoxy paint to cover the old demons....but I need it smooth and texture free first.

Although we probably won't be grinding the slab now - is there a way to use solvent to remove the surface adhesive completely and safely? which product?

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Flooring adhesives vary so I'm not reallysure which your house used (I'm a do-it yourselfer). Way back the stuff I used had denatured alcohol as a solvent. It is flamable and stinks so if yuo try a small can be sure to ventillate well. One tile is all the area you need to test it and a quart can is probably the minimum size.

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I would not recommend a chemical remover...all you may do is force the adhesive residue deeper into the concrete.

The ARDEX company sells products designed as decorative toppings for concrete slabs. Maybe you want to research that. However, those products may not be suitable to DIY.

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