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abbey_cnyNovember 26, 2006

I just went to Equifax got my credit reports and my FICO score. I was very happy with the score. I was just puzzled by all the accounts that were listed that had been closed. I don't mean recently closed, I am talking about several accounts I closed back in 1998 and 1999. They were all paid on time accounts, so it isn't like there was some negative information that needed to be tracked. Do they ususally list such old accounts? Just curious.

Thanks for any info!


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We just had out credit pulled for the new mortgage
we have also have several accounts that have been closed for years.
Paid on time accounts add to your good credit. They will drop off eventually

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Thanks for the explanation. After helping my friend get herself to Consumer Credit Counseling, I got to thinking about my own credit and decided to check. I probably should do that more often.


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my pleasure abbey
I recommend checking at least once a year or before a big purchase like a car or a house
Knowing your credit score can aid you in getting good rates
you can check rates with a simple phone call.
I was able to get a ballpark figure on mortgage rates with knowing my credit score
saves allot of inquires on your credit report.
How is you friend doing with CCCS ?

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I had some old credit accounts listed when my credit was checked for a car loan too and my credit points were good.

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Thanks for asking about my friend. I accompanied her to her first visit for moral support, although I told her it would be easy. She was quite happy to find out I was right.
The counselor was great. All the credit cards are now cut up. She is a little intimidated by the idea of sticking to a budget, but I told her that it would get easier as time went on. I am going to be her "coach" so if she gets discoraged she is is going to call me so I can remind her that I was successful and she will be too. She is very glad she didn't go with one of those other supposed credit repair companies. Your information was very helpful, and pushed her in the right direction. I seem to have become an unofficial advocate for CCS, lol. my nephew and his wife had some credit difficulties (her previous husband left her with all the bills and took off.) I encouraged them to go to CCS a few years ago, and she just told me they had "graduated" I know what a good feeling that is :)


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that is wonderful news.
Acutally don't laugh but my dream job would be to work in an CCCS office.
I am hoping when we move to Atlanta there will be an office and I can look into getting a job there.
Had we stayed in Jacksonville I was going to look into the local womens shelter volunteering to help the women understand how to get out of debt and stay out of debt as they start their new lives.
My favorite question to hear is
"how can I get my credit straightened out"
it ranks right up there with "want to go help me shop for a car"
Let your friend know she has somone in Florida pulling for them


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