UM coverage revisited

rocioNovember 19, 2008

I know somebody else had a question whether to drop Uninsured Motorist Coverage or not in the past.

I myself did some research, talking to my auto insurance company and my health insurance company, and reading policies. Still confused.

Although my auto insurance agent tells me that UM coverage is VERY important in case someone without auto liability insurance hits me and I have to go to ER, my health insurance seems to cover my ER costs. My health policy says that it does not provide duplicate coverage when I have benefits from UM coverage.

UM coverage seems to be duplicate, therefore I can drop it. Am I wrong?

Another question: My auto agent tells me that I would need to use my health insurance first when I go to ER after an auto accident, then the health insurance company would go after either my auto insurance company or the other party's auto insurance company. Is this how it works?

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Every state is different.

In Michigan we have no-fault insurance. Your own ins. company pays all your bills. We can only drop collision and comprehensive as it applies to our own vehicles. If the other driver is at fault, get a police report, your ins. co. will pay your deductible or you can sue the other driver in small claims court for up to $400.

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tishtoshnm Zone 6/NM

There have been several times when I have gone to the ER and used my insurance (things like a sprained ankle, etc) and later have gotten a questionairre in the mail verifying that someone else should not be liable for the costs.

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I don't really remember how it works with medical coverage - but I would never, ever be withough uninsured motorist coverage. There are a bunch of people out there onh the road with no liability insurance, even no valid DL, and to take them to court would be futile.

That's the facts in Texas, anyway.

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My auto agent gave me a better explanation today.

UM does cover more than medical costs. When somebody hits me, I may want to sue the person for lost wages, pain and suffering, etc. If the person has enough liabilities, no problem. If not, I could collect money from my UM.

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UM coverage is the liability portion of your auto policy (injury lawsuits) only reversed in that it pays you if the other vehicle does not have any insurance or not enough (Underinsurace) or a hit & run. Most states mandate a minimum of UM the same as your liability portion. I always recommend you purchase more just like liability protection.

UM does not pay for medical bills, that is through no-fault, medpay or your health ins. UM covers pain & suffering that you sustain and cant recover from the at fault driver. some states allow UM for property damage but that is very small.

when your ins. company confirms there is little to no coverage they will attempt to settle with you if you have any pain & suffering.

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I would never be without UM coverage. I was in a car accident a few years ago - my car was 3 months old. Got hit by a 21 year lady who didn't have a valid driver's license or insurance coverage. She did about $5500 damage to my car. Without my UM coverage I would have had to pick up the repair cost myself, or claim it on my regular insurance and watch my rates go up.

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