Uneven Floors and Hardwood

FerDoirichMay 25, 2011

We just bought an old house and the floors have sagged badly to the tune of 2 inches. We've had it professionally appraised and were told that it's normal and explainable for a house of its age. So far, so good.

My concern is that the artisan we've hired to replace the hardwood wants to level the floor by sanding the floor joists and then putting new plywood down before laying the new hardwood. It seems to me that thinning the joists will make it weaker and sag even more. Am I being paranoid? Has anyone else heard of the joists being thinned and was it successful?

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Reducing the depth of the joists may not be your best option here. If they have sagged in the middle, then it would seem reasonable to me to sister new joists to the old to give a flat plane.

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If the floor joists have sagged in an old house removing the subfloor and sistering new joists to the old ones can be a good solution. Adding stiffness to the framing is better than reducing stiffness. If you are not doing a large area and the plywood is sound you can use 2x4's turned on edge which are cut to follow the floor and create a flat top. We used to use a metal rail system and a router to trim the tops flat. Install the floor as you would over a sleeper system. It is still a lot of work

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