Cleaned oak floor with damp paper towels - worried?

pbx2_gwMay 8, 2013

Our daughter threw ice cream all over our new builds red oak floor.
Instinctively, we cleaned it with wet paper towel. & dried it up right away with paper towels.

Now the area feels different from the rest of the floor. Almost squeaky clean vs. naturally worn (even if it's all new).

Also area feels like it retained some moisture from the clean up.

Do we need to be worried?

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What finish is on the floor?

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If your floors are polyurethaned, give them a good mopping. There is probably still some "sticky" from the ice cream still on the floors or you actually cleaned the spot better than the rest of the floors.

My polyurethaned red oak floors get a good damp mopping with warm water and vinegar at least once a month (if I am lucky). Take my word for it, a little water will not hurt polyurethane.

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Thanks tuesday_2008 for the feedback.
I just let out a big "whew!" :)

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