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ggalvNovember 7, 2007

Do you guys know of any other forums you use to ask questions and read other forum topics regarding investing.


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The Motley Fool has a seemingly endless variety of focused investment message communities to choose from.

Check 'em out.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Motley Fool Message Boards

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What type of information are you looking for?

If your new to investing, I'd suggest visiting the regulatory agency links first. Much better to learn how NOT to lose money before you give your money to someone to manage!

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission/
The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)
North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA)
National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD)

The Wall Street Journal looks at some of the best Web sites for investors:

One of the best sites we found was MSN's MoneyCentral. It took only about two minutes to create our portfolio here, one of the shortest set-ups. The site provides dozens of specific ways to analyze stocks, with another 50 features offered through a quickly downloadable "Investment Toolbox" -- for example, price indicators, stock-split details and real-time stock-price charts.

MoneyCentral is very navigable and user-friendly, offering sections like "Get It Done" that lets investors quickly jump around to different areas. Still, there wasn't much bond information, and the news offerings on the smaller stocks and funds were slim.

Yahoo's finance site also offers a lot of detail about portfolio holdings, good real-time news from wire services, and neatly distinguished stock, mutual-fund, and bond centers. It is not the best organized, however, and can overwhelm users with all of the data available. Views of aggregated portfolio holdings are tough to follow, and setting up our portfolio here took the longest -- close to seven minutes -- since it took a while to figure out how to enter all of the data. Better research and real-time quotes can be purchased for a monthly fee of $11 to $14., which is part-owned by Dow Jones (which also owns The Wall Street Journal) offers some of the best charting on the Web. Charts are big and readable, and price changes can be tracked easily. The site itself also offers plenty of market news. Creating and monitoring a portfolio here, however, can mean muddling through quite a few advertisements and pop-ups., which is more known for mutual-fund research, offers an impressive portfolio tracker that can also include bonds and cash holdings, unlike some of the other sites surveyed. It's also easy to dig into market-index data at the site.

Financial planning sites: planning

Misc. sites:

By Provider
Barron's Online
Business 2.0
Consumer Reports
Daily FX
Fast Company
Fortune Small Business
Indie Research
Investor's Business Daily
Motley Fool
Seeking Alpha
Sun CEO Blog
The Wall Street Journal

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ggalv-I peeked at your member page and noticed your in Ca.

E.F. Moody is also in Ca, and has a LOT of good info on his site.

You might want to look at his site first before wading through everything else!

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Hello, I'm Sue and I'm lazy. Please tell me how a 'money manager', 'investment broker', whatever(!) earns his daily bread. Not talking about a 'certified financial advisor' who charges a set rate or percentage of portfolio, but a service that holds your paper and issues monthly reports -- little buying or selling -- mostly mutual funds held -- includes a money market fund and checking account.

I'm blinded by that teeny type.

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