A Part D Insurer Stonewalls

chisueNovember 28, 2011

Please excuse me. The deadline for Part D insurance is near, and I'll stop pestering you. LOL

The SHIP person at our Senior Center ran the Medicare.gov 2012 Part D plan comparison for my DH. I have run the same thing at home. According to the Medicare comparison chart the cheapest Plan D for DH is a BC-BS Value plan. It states the premium is $456/yr. It says he'll pay $2856.90 for his two meds ($2542.98 mail order).

I called BC-BS to verify this. I called twice. They refuse to estimate the annual cost of DH's meds on their plan. I called Medicare. They said the company MUST do this. Well...they WON'T. All they will say is that the initial copay for each Tier 2 medicine is $41. They refuse to *estimate* his costs when he's in the Gap. Gap coverage should cost 50% of retail -- but they won't say what retail IS. "We'll only know that after his first prescriptions are filled in January." WHA? How does that help anyone enroll NOW, and where did the 'unknowable' data come from that's on the Medicare website? I can't glean anything from the BC-BS website either since DH does not have their policy in 2011.

I called DH's 2011 Part D insurer, UnitedHealthCare. The representative told me the premium will not be $34.20/month, as stated in the Medicare handbook and on the Medicare Plan D comparison website. She says it will be $42/month. She also gave me completely different drug costs. I asked for a supervisor. None available.

I don't see how I can complain -- or where TO complain. (That's why I'm posting here.)

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Our three meds are much cheaper from an online supplier. Is it legal to buy online? From outside the US?

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Yes, unless they are for a controlled substance or are for drugs not approved by the FDA, or if you buy them in very large quantities, which may trigger customs enforcement because there's a suspicion you would be reselling them. I assume yours don't fall into these categories. You should be careful to buy from a licensed pharmacy that allows you access to a registered pharmacist in case you have questions. There is a known problem with counterfeits drugs sometimes being sold online, so you do need to be careful.

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Thanks, FF. My med is Advair. One of DH's expensive meds is Cymbalta 20 mg. 2/day. Guess I need a tutorial on how to buy 90-day supplies online.

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Could you get Caremark? I think it is thru Blue Cross. Usually it is either 30.00 or 60.00 for a 3 months supply. It is called CVS Caremark, But not associated with the CVS drugstores. Don't know how it works.

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