PMS made me do it!

daisychain01May 6, 2012

I'd just been whining on the 'Back to Basics' thread that DH is likely to be unemployed in the near future and we will have to go back to our frugal ways. Well, moments later I just happened upon Restoration Hardware's Thai silk drapes on clearance in the colour and style I have been dreaming of owning since we redid our living room about 5 years ago. I am not a person who spends money easily (especially my own) and even on clearance these are not cheap (to me anyways), but I stuck them in my online shopping cart and in a hormonal tizzy clicked on 'confirm payment'. I should be upset, but I'm just excited and happy (why does shopping do that to me?) I can hardly wait until they arrive!

ps this probably belongs on the decorating side, but for some reason, it is easier for me to share embarrassing moments over here

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Don't be embarrassed. This was not a snap decision, but something you have been wanting for years. And, you will be able to enjoy them for many, many years.
With your husband's unemployment looming, it is nice to have things in order now as you will not want to make these type purchases in the furture.
I say, enjoy them:)

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You have been pining over these drapes for five years?!! I'd say you had a moment of clarity. Your new drapes will make every single pot of soup or beans delicious. Good for you!

I think you had a now or never moment. You chose now. That would have been my choice too.

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I think you are both right. Not only will I likely not be able to afford them in the future, but they are an old RH colour and like you said golddust, I had this moment of clarity that if I didn't order them now, they would be gone and I'd never see them on my windows.

I ordered the twill ones for next to nothing off ebay 5 years ago and when they arrived they were all different colours. Instead of sending them back, I dyed them all to match. They actually looked great for awhile, but as I was doing my spring cleaning with the sun shining in, I could see big faded patches and water splotches where the rain got them. It was definitely time.

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My husband faced an extremely scary job situation last year. We both created a "bucket list" in case we would no longer be able to afford some of the things we had desired for a long time. Our story had a happy ending but I still would have been happy we bought those items.

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Francypants, what a great idea to do the bucket list. We haven't done anything formal, but we did just finish our basement and ordered some cheap furniture from IKEA. Our kids are 13 and 8 and we didn't have a den or family room for them to hangout with friends. We knew this would have to be done soon and that we may not have the cash to do it in the future. Glad things worked out for your DH. It is very scary and I hope my DH is as lucky. He has been lucky to work at a job he loves for the last 13 years.

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So glad you found the draperies.

Hope your DH is able to continue doing what he loves for another 13 years-keeping my fingers crossed for you!

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