Buying a food processor, 2013

publickmanFebruary 14, 2013

Yesterday Kevin and I went to Kohls for their Presidents' Day sale and because we had received a 30% off of everything coupon a couple of days ago. We usually get 20% off coupons and were waiting for the 30% one. Kevin wanted to get a machine that makes soda water, and I wanted to get a food processor. I knew that Kohls had Cuisinart, and I had sort of decided that that was what I wanted to get. However, they also had Kitchenaid and Delonghi, but those were not priced, and so I bought the Cuisinart 12 cup (2 bowl) processor that was listed at $299, marked down to $269, and with 30% off of that came to $188.30, but still above Amazons $179 price. The Cuisinart site listed it at $249, and so I thought Kohls should never have listed it at $299, even though Amazon has the ridiculous list price of $440. I don't mind paying $8 extra if it means that I can physically take it back to the store in case there is a problem.

It seems that this is a relatively new Cuisinart model, as I could not find old reviews on it. I haven't even taken out of of the box yet, and the box has minor damage, but not that penetrates the styrofoam padding. I selected this model because it has 1000 watts of power, and the other two brands did not list wattage and weighed less when I lifted them. I did want the smaller inner bowl also, and I think the older Cuisinart models did not include this. The KA included three bowls (more than I need), and the Delonghi has a blender option, which I also do not need. I sort of looked at one of the Cuisinart discs, and it appears to be very thick, heavy cast metal, which I expect would be very durable.

Does anyone else have this model? Did I make a mistake? I think I could still exchange it, but I don't think I want the KA food processor.


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I seem to recall reading a recent cooks illustrated comment that they did not like the latest version of the kitchen aid processor. Not 100% positive.

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I bought a KA at Target fairly recently. I use it regularly and like it a lot. BUT I can't buy any different blades for it. For the most part that isn't a problem but I was annoyed when I realized it.

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