craftsman logic board / motor ?

longhornkateJune 26, 2006

We had a storm blow through but the power never went off, only flickered a few times. The next day I went to leave and my garage door did not immediately go up. I pressed the wall unit again, and it went up. However, as soon as I was in the driveway and pressed the remote, it did not go down. I figured the remote batteries were dead, so I went in to press the wall unit. Still nothing. Since I was on my way to work, I just pulled the release and closed it manually. The light is on and has been on this whole time. The door has not worked - welcome to 1950: manually openeing and closing the door.

The unit looks brand new and I've been in the house for two years - it is hard wired in an "unfinished" garage.

Here is what I tried in an attempt to get it to work again:

turned off the circuit breaker to the garage door and turned it on again - nothing

turned the breaker off and left it off - still nothing

climbed up there - LED light is blinking five times (which in other posts i have read means "RPM sensor or motor overload" turned power off again, took off logic board and nothing looks obviously burned or out of whack... the black transformer in the bottom left corner was warm (i'm assuming it must be running the light) but other than that nothing...reassembled and still nothing.

does this mean my motor is fried? or should i replace the logic board?? the five lights are back to blinking, the overhead light is still steadily on and the garage door is not opening. there is power to the wall unit, the eye sensors are working properly and everything looks ok.

it all looks brand new and all has power and is clean and clear...

from the other posts, it seems that my options are to either to go with replacing the $75 logic board or the $125 motor... unless someone knows of something else to do.

any ideas? suggestions? help!?! my dad thinks i need to hire an electrician, but from what i have read, i'm not sure what he could do that i can't (not that i'm superwoman) especially if it is a motor issue, i don't know what he could tell me. i did take a picture of the logic board if anyone thinks that might help...


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I think it is the logic board. There is a way to test the motor if you are up to it. The motor has three wires with quick disconnects. Red, Blue and White. They and the main power cord should be disconnected to do this test. Remember where they go. Take a 110 volt jumper and connect to the red and white. The motor will run in one direction. Connect to the blue and white and it will run in the opposite direction. I would manually disconnect the door before doing this. Motors are really dependable but logic boards? Now that is another story especially in storm season. I admire your grit. If you decide to follow your Dads suggestion, don't hire an electrician. Get a door opener technician.

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