Organic wool mattresses-anyone have one?

bookertAugust 29, 2006

Please give info on organic mattresses. I've been looking at the benefits of wool and saw a mattress that doesn't use box springs or inner springs inside the mattress. IKEA is carrying a new mattress that claims it uses some eco materials(including wool), although the cost for a full size mattress is $899! It's not organic material either. Maybe it's not such a bad price, but regular mattresses are much more affordable. =(

Looked at lots of websites and now I'm confused!

Anyone have any insight? Please comment.


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I suggest that you visit the website shown below. It's been a while since I was a frequent visitor and poster there, but it appears to be up and running. You will find a lot of enthusiasm for foam mattresses on that site. And little support for the "Big S" mattress companies. You will also be in for sticker shock if you think that $899 is a bad price. I personally purchased a foam "kit" from one of the suppliers often mentioned on the site: It has memory foam as the top layer, similar to Temperpedic but it was a lot less money. (It's great although I am one of the people who sleep hot on memoryfoam.) Foam is also more now since there was price jump at the end of last year. I know nothing about the Ikea mattress, but you might search or post a question on the other forum as someone may have experience with it. Unfortunately, good mattresses are expensive and there is no simple way to get through all the hype and find out what is best for you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Whats the Best Mattress site

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Thanks for the replies.
All latex won't work for me as it doesn't breathe enough.
What about the organic side of the question? I don't own organic sheets or pillows etc.. so would purchasing a organic mattress be a waste of money? Would the toxins from the "regular" stuff I use contaminate it?
I will ck. out the mattress site and see if that helps me, but if there are any others out there with insight please advise. I'm trying to be more health conscious and I'm sure there are others who have knowledge to share! =)
Thank you!

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How could others possibly know if purchasing organic mattress components would be a waste of your money? You have not posted any specifics about chemical sensitivities . . just a general interest in organic materials.

If your are referring to the Ikea Sultan Furudal in your original post, there appears to be some "natural" materials in the cover, but the core is polyurethane foam. Some imported memory foam can reek of chemical odors for weeks.

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The question I asked was if COMBINING organic and non-organic bedding would contaminate the all natural organic materials thus not making it a cost effective choice.
I know that my DH is allergic to the non-organic memory foam and could not handle a full latex mattress due to sleeping hot.
Could he handle a mattress using some memory foam? It's possible since his allergy was using a 100% memory foam pillow.

I didn't find the other site to be of help to me. I like these forums as I feel they are friendlier. =) ( I did spend over an hour pouring thru the posts on the mattress site, just too much for me to continue!)

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We have a mattress from Sealy with a wool top for padding. It's not a pillow top mattress, but a regular style. I have never slept on anything so comfortable in my life. The wool regulates body temps and keeps us warm in the winter and cool in the summer. We live in Alaska and I hate having to have heavy covers on the beds. I can't stand to be hot at night and a foam mattress just kills me.

I have since put wool blankets on each of my kid's beds, under their mattress pads. It creates the same effect and they are definately sleeping better.

I think $899 is very reasonable for a good quality mattress. We paid $2500 for a mattress and box springs 8 years ago. We'll probably be replacing them in a couple more years and expect to spend $3,000. For only a dollar a night, we feel it is money well spent.

As far as combining organic and non-organic bedding, the main problem is in growing and manufacturing. Cotton is heavily sprayed and used major toxic chemicals in processing. The organic is earth friendly for growing, but once the non-organic has been was a few times the chemical are out. It shouldn't affect the mattress, but I wouldn't feel the need to buy an organic mattress unless I was committed to keeping everything organic.


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sager66, I like your suggestion of the Talalay firm with a fleece topper. A great price by buying direct! I assume this is what you have and after some time are you happy with it?
Does it sleep hot as some have suggested or does the fleece
alleviate this? Also the fleece link is no longer active, any
suggestion as to where to purchase?
Rob B

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