garage door opener 'down limit' keeps slipping

durtboy505May 16, 2009

I have a problem garage door opener, I keep having to adjust the bottom limit of the door travel by turning the set screw back (up) a few turns. Then after a week or so it has apparently slipped, and the opener starts acting like it is trying to shove the door into the floor, which has severely stressed the door where the arm is attached. I keep adjusting the down limit to compensate but I have not yet tried to fix the damage to the door where the arm attaches, until I solve the problem causing that damage.

Has anybody else had this problem? The door opener is a craftsman 1/2 hp model.

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Remove the cover and look at the limit adjustment assembly. You can watch it and understand how it works in a couple seconds. Sounds like the threads may be stripped or out of the snaps that hold it in place.

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Have you tried any threadlock on the limiting screw. Might help keep it in place better?

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Don1 and Bas157, thanks for your comments and advice. Just now getting back to tell you how it went...I ended up purchasing a new limit switch assembly. When I installed it, it snapped right into place but the gears didn't quite line up. They're not worn so it must be one of the old standby explanations "a soft english/metric conversion" or "they don't make anything in the USA anymore". So I mixed parts from the new and old limit switch assemblies and it works great now, real tight. My advice to everyone out there is "don't throw anything thats 'broken' away until you're sure you don't need to scavenge pieces off of it, however unimportant they look...!"

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