Sheets to fit Tempurpedic mattress?

brcooksAugust 17, 2008

I really hate shopping for sheets. And now it's worse because our T-pedic mattress is so deep that even our old deep pocket sheets dont' fit. When I search sites for "deep pocket" results vary from as small as 15 inches, which is way to small. I think I need to fit at least 20 inches. Anyone have any good recommendations for sheets? I might have spend more than I've ever spent before on sheets, so I don't really want to experiment.


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I have a really thick Tempurpedic mattress too and I have found that Shabby Chic's target line fits my mattress very well and I really like how the sheets feel. I tried to get some Shabby Chic sheets to fit a regular twin size bed in our house and the sheets were ridicously too big. If her style doesn't go with your room you could get the sheets in plain white. I have also found that with my Tempurpedic mattress I have to use a mattress pad cover or my sheets slide right off the bed after one or two nights. I had heard that you weren't supposed to use a mattress pad cover with these types of mattresses but I still do. I love my mattress though. Good luck.

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Thanks kimberlysaint. I will check those out. BTW, we bought the Tempurpedic mattress pad/protector. I didn't want to at first because the mattress feels so wonderful. But it is working out great, and we wanted to protect the mattress.

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I can't find bedding to fit mine correctly. We have the California Twin, which are extra long. They are on seperate frames but we put them together and I make it up as a Queen. Of course, seperate fitted sheets but I use a Queen top sheet which is a little short on the sides but a king is way too long. I do use a King quilt and comforter.

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Actually you can find sheets to fit these mattresses for pretty much any depth. You might want to look online. I happen to also have a Tempurpedic and also find it to be the best mattress out there. We did purchase our sheets online as we had troubel finding them locally.

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