Chanberlain Door Opener 7220

jassepMay 17, 2007

I found a bad relay on the logic board of my Chamberlain 7220 opener. It's a G5L-UA006000 relay that had a burnt contact which I cleaned and was causing the motor to keep running. The unit is now functioning properly but I would like to replace the Omron relay but they no longer list this part number. The relay has 4 pin 1,2,4 and 5 with a rating of 5a250vac and 5a24vdc with a 24vdc coil. Does anyone know what relay I can use in it's place? Omron thinks a G5LE-1A4-DC24 is equal but they have no cross reference. I have no schematic so I am not sure if this is SPST NO or SPDT. If I could get the same relay it would not be a problem. The G5LE relay has 5 pins opposed to the original 4 so I think if I clip the number 3 contact pin it may work the same but this is a guess.

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