Need wiring hookup for 2 yr old 1/2 HP Craftsman

indffrntMay 1, 2007

(Hope I don't get shot ~ posted this in the wrong place previously) Aquired Model # 139.53914 @ local estate sale. Everything but a wiring diagram. There are 4 quick connects on one side of the motor housing. One red, two whites, & one blue(?) just above the "Learn" button. I have six wires (two from the wall button, & two from each eye.) Anyone know the combination?



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The wall button should have a white wire and a white wire w/ a red tracer. Hook the red wire to the red quick connect on the back of the opener and hook the white wire to the white quick connect right next to the red one. ( Should be the two quick connects furthest to the left) The photo eye wires will have a white wire and a white wire with a black tracer. Hook the two white wires to the other white terminal and the black wires to the black terminal.

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Try They have parts and repair info on line, so I would imagine you could find a wiring diagram.

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