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ttugrad95May 22, 2006

I need some advice. I just purchased a new Nissan Titan that has the large towing mirrors. Thats not my problem, haha. I have a 2 car garage with 2 individual doors. The truck will just barely fit into the garage with the mirrors folded in. I have maybe a couple inches clearance max on all 4 sides when the truck is in, and the door is closed. Not much room for error obviously. I know the hanging of the tennis ball from the ceiling trick but I'm more worried about backing out without having mirrors to help and scraping the side of the truck. Does anyone have any good ideas to assist in getting the truck in and out more easily with less change of damaging anything? I'm sure there are some other owners of full size trucks out there that have struggled with the same issue.


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Just a thought. When we built our house many years ago that was designed like your garage I had the same thoughts about moving vehicles/trailers in an out. Decided at that time to invest in having a much larger header that now spans one opening with one large garage door. Best decision I made. Maybe consider the same for your garage to see if the retro-fit would be the way to go or not...

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Thought of that but its not really cost effective for me. Perhaps if I was going to stay in the house long term but I will probably sell it in the next year or so. On the next house a large single door will be a requirement as opposed to individual doors.
I had an idea last night to use mirrors, like replacement truck mirrors or a couple of small convex security mirrors. I could strategicly place them in the garage to take the place of the trucks mirros that have to be folded in.

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Kept reading about your problem....and have another thought. Might be a stupid thought but I believe out of every 100 dumb ideas one good idea is born. I guess that your garage for your truck is used for parking only. If so, what about pipes that are bolted to the in a car wash. Beefy enough that your tires will be directed to stay exactly in a straight line whether coming in or going out. At least when you move they can be unbolted to be removed and the holes cemented up.

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Purchase a couple of cheep 2ft x 5 ft mirrors and mount them on the wall in from of the truck. That way, when you back out, you will be able to watch the side of your truck in relation to the garage door frame!

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if you go the mirror route, be sure you put them up high and angled down. if you put them too low, then you will blind yourself at night and not be able to see either!

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I always felt more comfortable "backing" my Titan IN to the garage.

Pulling out forward is much easier.

But I also had a single 16' door - so I had fudge factor with the width issue.

Simply put:

If your garage isn't ready for a Titan... get a NEW GARAGE!!

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