Man crushed at Wal-Mart on Black Friday

bellamayNovember 28, 2008

Warning....this is going to be a rant.

It has become evident why the day after Thanksgiving is named BLACK Friday as the behavior of Americans has become so appalling that there is no goodness left. The story posted on the net today about the man in New York crushed to death by shoppers who broke down the doors is another indication of the depth to which we have sunk in this country to feed our own greed and materialism. While looking a little farther into the account of what happened early this AM it was reported that people continued to stream into the store knocking over the EMT's who were franctically and valiantly trying to save the life of the 34 year old lying crushed in the entry way of the store. A few of the customers who were the first ones to check out this morning were asked if they were aware that they had taken a life in their zeal for the deal....they didn't care, one man was quoted as saying "nobody is going to keep me from a 50 inch plasma TV for $800" and apparently showed no remorse for the loss of life.

Seriously, what is wrong with us? The store manager said there were also fist fights in the aisles this morning and a near riot when the police cleared the store to close it for the day.

Is this a result of the poor economy? I don't think so, the economy is the result of this kind of behavior where Americans want their "stuff" at any cost, even human life.

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NO, this is not a result of the poor economy. This is the result of a bunch of greedy idiots trying to be the first ones in to get the best deals.

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No, nothing to do with a bad economy - just a nation headed in a very bad direction.

We seriously need to step back and take stock of ourselves - this is just beyond sad - it's horrendous.

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Bad Behavior is the norm!! Take a look at what the new TV shows are featuring--it's all about bad behavior whether it's cheating spouses or "Who Can Commit the Most Crime".

What we tolerate today--we embrace tomorrow!

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That is so true!!

May I use that?

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Bad, intolerable behavior based on the "not Me" or not my responsibility and I agree that tv shows and computer games hone in on behavior that is bratty, sassy to parents, overly sexed material, and downright criminal as in stealing cars.

I will have to add that in a mob situation one goes with the flow or would get trampled on also. It was a terrible tragedy and it would have helped, maybe, if a loud speaker had announced that only 10 people would be let in at a time, every 3 minutes.

Personally I have never shopped for any Black Friday specials.

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perhaps stores need to stop offering "limited" quantities(usually 2-5 ) of deeply discounted products..They lure shoppers in to try and grab these deals, and chaos ALWAYS results...For every tragic result there are hundreds of people knocked down in similar situations

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