Anyone with H&M sofa that does not like the down-filled cushions?

sis2twoAugust 17, 2011

About a year ago my dh and I purchased a Hancock and Moore sofa with the down filled cushions. We find it very uncomfortable in sitting for any period of time because you feel like you are sliding forward. I know that down is suppose to be comfortable, but it feels like there is no support. Has anybody else had this experience? If so, I would like to hear from you. Thanks so much.

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I have a Swaim couch that has down cushions. I HATE it. It was quite expensive. the sample I sat on prior to buying was comfortable but perhaps it had been sat on extensively in the showroom. I would never buy another.

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I would stay away from H&M, you can get the same quality for 1/4 of the price if you are good at shopping around, especially online.

Try to get something with 8-way hand tied and down cushions if you can and request a leather sample so you know what it will be like.

The down cushions shouldn't be uncomfortable or sliding around, you should talk to whoever sold you the sofa.

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zwow, We are considering Hancock and Moore for a club chair and ottoman. Agreed very expensive. Can you recommend a couple of other manufacturers for a leather club chair at a similar quality level but better price points? We're open to ordering online. Thanks for any advice or contacts.

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johnxyz, here are a few worth looking at and some tips:

Most of those are all online stores I believe, Restoration Hardware has stores all over though. RH is probably the most expensive out of those, but they have good quality from what I have seen/read.

I shopped around for about 6-7 months before I bought from Bari Furniture. I got a 4 peice set for just under $3k, it was 8 way hand tied, down blend seats, hardwood frame, and really nice leather. It was in their clearance section, seems like an amazing deal, so I definitely think it is worth it to shop around a lot at as many places as you can.

My best advice is to shop around a lot, sign up for email lists or newsletters on the online sites (they often give out coupons), ask for price matches if possible, and pay attention to what is in the clearance sections.

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A down filled cushion in general is very soft and needs good amount of fluffing frequently in order to continue providing support and comfort. This may be more maintenance than you would like. Also, everyone has different preference for support similar to mattresses. I prefer "down-wrapped" cushions where a layer of encased down feathers are wrapped around synthetic foams. The down provides softness while the foams provide support for long term sitting and help maintain their shape better. I am not sure if the sales staff discussed these options and necessary maintenance with you when you made the purchase. But I hope this information will help you get more comfort out of your existing sofa.

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You should contact the retailer from which you purchased the Hancock & Moore. We have had customers who did not like the down fill once they received them & while Hancock & Moore will not replace the inserts/cores at no charge we only charged our customer what we were charged for the replacement inserts/cores. This was as a courtsey to our customer.

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I purchased a Kincaid sofa and loveseat with Qualfil, highest quality downblend and foam cushion with 8-way tied springs. My husband and I feel like we're pitched forward and falling off the couch. We're very disappointed. We had to purchase an ottoman to keep from falling off. What do we do now? They're only 4 months old.

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Correction; the cushions were Qualux cushions.

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Cufflink in my opinion the issue with your set has nothing to do with the cushions. The pitch issue would be with the frame. Kincaid is a divison of La-Z-boy. If I recall La-Z-boy and Kincaid import many of their frame parts which come in KD and the parts are asembled in Hudson, NC.

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Freethinker, I know about the La-Z-Boy connection. I also have the matching loveseat that has the same characteristic of pitching forward. Do these manufacturers test and sit in their sofas before marketing them? I'm just looking for a DIY solution because, unfortunately, I have to live with them.

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Yes, but they dont always test every cushion option. A soft fill seat cushion will tend to pitch forward more than a more supportive cushion. And the aesthetic look of a certain styles can have less or more of a pitch in the seat.
Lessening the height of the back legs is a quick fix.

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manbike, I have opted to put a 1" block of wood underneath both legs in front (good thing I have a skirt on the couch) as I would not know how to shorten the the legs in back. It seems to have reduced the pitch somewhat. Also, the depth of the seat cushion is somewhat shorter than our previous couch (this one is 22") and the combination of the down back cushion seem to leave less "seat" room.

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