Craftsman 1/2 HP Garage Door Opener - Resetting?

chicat2001May 25, 2007

Craftsman 1/2 HP Garage Door Opener - I have misplaced (or it was stolen) my second garage door opener and the instructions so I'd like help resetting, if I'm able to, a Model 139.53681B with 3 blueish buttons, I normally use the big the button to open and not really sure what the other 2 buttons do (a medium round and a small round).

Can anyone help me please? I had purchased/installed the unit in 2004.

(I apologize if it's in a thread ... I tried to find the answer and couldn't find it)

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My garage door has been working fine for the past five years and yesterday I encountered the following problem: When the pad to open the door is pressed, the door opens about two inches then closes and opens back up, but only to the same two inch point. No flashing lights and I when detached you cannot pull the door open using the cord. Please helpÂ

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chicat2001 - You will find a button (smart/learn) just to the left of where all those white wires go. Press and hold it for 6 seconds. This will erase the memory in the opener and your remote should no longer work. Now press and hold the large button on your remote and then press and immediately release the smart/learn button. Your unit is now reprogrammed.

jbenford - Check for a broken spring on your door or remove the cover of the opener and check the drive gear. It is a white nylon gear just in front of the motor.

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I just insatlled my new garage door opener. Evrything works fine. But it make continuos loud humming sound. Is it normal?? or something wired wrong??

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Not something I would consider normal. Call Sears.

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I encountered this problem the other day, I ended up replacing the logic board and have not heard back from them since.

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I know how to reset the door opener that you keep in your car, but I need to know how to reset the control pad that attaches to the house? Anyone know how. I couln't find the answer anywhere.

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Chevychick do you realize the post you brought up is almost 4 years old? Are you asking about programming your keypad?

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after installing garage door opener,the motor is overheating,and door only open and close halfway.When cool it will open and close all the way.
Can you help?

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