Craftsman 1/2 HP Garage Door Opener

ret_fuzzMay 1, 2010

Alrighty - a month ago my father-in law and my son attempted to open the garage door with the slide bolt in place. Thus breaking the drive belt. After finally getting a drive belt I hooked it all up. Tension spring as instructed - hand tightened and then had the spring pop in place. When I went to see the "magic" - the door was in the closed position - it went forward as to close - the drive rail buckled - the door then came back a total of four inches. When the forward motion happened I heard some grinding of gears. I lessened the forward motion of the opener and the grinding ceased from occurring. However, again, the opener would go forward - hot the forward stop bolt and then back towards the up position and stop after four inches. I took the unit down and opened it up. The gears seem fine, no breakage, but the motor was hot. Any ideas???

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The problem is the belt and the limit switch assembly are out of sync.

Loosen the belt enough that you can remove it from the sprocket on top of the motor. With the door closed and everything attached except the belt run the motor until it runs in the clockwise direction and comes to a stop. Now put the belt back on and tighten. It will be in sync now but you will probably have to tweak the open and close limits to get it just right.

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