Garage floor epoxy

Terry KolbergMay 18, 2007

Has anyone had experience with the Rustoleum or the Supercoat (sold at garage floor finish? Any comments on how well these epoxies hold up in a residential garage? Any advice or hints on applying too would be appreciated. Thanks, Terry

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Yes..that's should be a good epoxy..the key is a good stripping agent to remove all the dirt and oils, then a good etcher and primer..also there's the option to add a pouch of Non-skid to the's kind of a big job..what brand do you have? i used "Behr" and it's works pretty well altogether..anyway..just my 2 cents..mike DFW

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Ilive in the northeats, and when you park your car in the winter (which is when the garage is used) the melting snow goes onto the floor and water is "soaked" through the concrete.

NOW, if putting a poxy or sealeant on it, that would prevent the water form soaking through, right? Does anyone have a painted floor who lives in a snowbelt region?

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I live in Michigan and I know a few people with epoxy coatings in their garages. I am fairly sure it stops the water from soaking though. In fact one of my friends had to put his down on wet concrete to begin with. I don't recall what brand it was though.

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I would stay away from bargin coatings from Home Depot and alike. It wont last and if your going to take the time to do the proper prep, only to have it fail, you've wasted you're time and money. Buy a quality epoxy, do the proper prep and it will look great for many years.

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