New kitchen toy

jkom51February 7, 2012

My stainless steel scraper is one of my most used tools. Saw this in the new Sur La Table catalog and was instantly intrigued. Haven't liked some of the silicon stuff, but I thought I'd give this a try since it's under $20.

Ordered it through Amazon, instead of SLT, as I'm a Prime member and get free 2-day shipping. I'll report on whether it works or not!

Here is a link that might be useful: Sur La Table: Collapsible Scraper

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I love new kitchen toys - That scraper looks interesting.

I attended a Bluestar demo and a personal chef mentioned French blue steel pans. A few posts later on GW educating me on blue steel/carbon steel, quick checkout on Amazon and the three pan set will be here tomorrow. de Buyer french blue steel - can't wait to season them (with potato peels!) and give them a try!

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That's neat! As someone with a tiny kitchen I sometimes avoid kitchen toys, even if they might come in useful. That's really cool that it's collapsible.

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Sorry I didn't post back now that I've had my "toy" for a while.

I like it a lot. I still use my flat stainless scraper too, but this collapsible one is excellent for scooping up chopped ingredients and carrying them safely over to the stove.

One thing I really like about it is that you can open it with the same hand you pick it up with - a flick of the fingers pops it right open.

The metal edge scraper is very sturdy and strong, a nice touch. The biggest disadvantage is, it's really not that large in capacity, probably holds only about 2/3 cup. I was chopping up braised pork butt and it doesn't carry much more than my flat scraper....BUT, I wasn't in danger of dropping anything, as I carried the cubes over to the gravy boiling on the stove!

I'd give it an A-. I definitely like it better than the stainless scrapers with the sides, which are never tall enough for anything except garlic or green onions.

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I saw this folding cutting board the other day at Marshall's or a place like that. I was tempted but didn't buy. I may go back and see it they still have them.


Here is a link that might be useful: Folding cutting board.

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