garage door opener won't work

grkingMay 16, 2009


I just replaced the helical and drive gear, and now my garage door opens and immediately closes 1 foot. I've adjusted the up and down limits, and made sure the sensor lights are aligned. Please let me know how I can fix this before I go buy a new opener. Thanks!

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First thing you need to look at are the door springs. They are usually directly above the door. You probably have a broken spring and this may be the cause of your drive gear going bad.

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When the door is disengaged it works perfectly fine. None of the springs are broken.

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The chain is probably out of sync with the door. Remove the chain from the sprocket and run the opener until the sprocket turns counterclockwise and stops. Then with the door in the open position replace the chain. You will have to reset your limits.

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