Help! Dining Room Table Marks

say811August 5, 2012

I recently bought a new dining room table. We weren't quite ready for it when it came in so the furniture store held it and when delivered it was quite dusty. I didn't dust off right away (we just built a house and that was pretty low on the priority list). Anyways, my younger sister "drew" in the dust - smiley face, words etc with her finger. Well, when I dusted off - you can still see these drawings! Not if you look directly down, but when the light hits at a certain angle they are still there. I have tried pledge and old english furniture polish and neither really helped. Does anyone know how to get these marks out!!??

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Mix up some salad oil and about a tablespoon of cigar ashes......rub it on the table....wipe with a clean soft cloth, wipe again with lemon oil or Old English....and the marks should be gone.'s an old remedy and it does work.
Linda c

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Pledge is awful for furniture.... toss the rest away.

I have uses ash and oil with good results.

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Fori is not pleased

Ladies, you're dating yourselves! Where does one get ashes these days? :)

Kidding of course--I have heard of this method but it's not really a household item for most!

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