New Garage vs. Restoration.

beckklMay 2, 2008

I have an older garage, 20x20 (with a bumpout on the back for larger cars). The slab is pretty much crumbling, but the curb is in decent shape. The sole plate is also in good shape. Overall the structure is solid, but the siding, roof, soffits, facia need to be replaced. The roof requires a complete tear off. I am on the fence about restoring it, which would cost around $4800. This includes basically everything new but the structure, slab, and garage door (still in good shape) The other option is to tear it down, and build a 22x24 size garage for $12500. This would include removal of the old garage, and new slab. It would also have a side entry door and window, which our current one does not. We plan on staying in the house for a few years at least. I'm not sure at this point which way to go. On one hand, $4800 will buy me a new looking garage, at least from the outside. However, the slab will still be in bad shape, and the curb around the slab has some erosion in a couple of spots. Where kicking in $7000 more will get be a brand new garage that has EVERYTHING new, including 25% more space. But, with today's market, I'm worried about not getting value for the total replacement.

Any thoughts?

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If the restoration still leaves you with a crumbling slab, how will your property compare to others in your area when it comes time to sell? It could be a detractor that would make yours a hard-sell.

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i'm in the same spot. i'm tearing off the roof and just trying to keep the thing from collapsing. i'm in hillbilly country so nothing is worth anything anyway but it sounds like the extra 7k in your case would be well spent and you'd be happier in the long run. good luck!

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