Old wood floor to new hardwood floor transition-photos please!

NYMKApril 2, 2013

Does anyone have any photos of an old wood floor to a new wood floor transition?

I am renovating my kitchen and taking down the wall between the kitchen and my dining room. My dining room has wood floors (underneath carpeting that I will be removing) and I figured I would put wood floors in the kitchen to make the rooms flow.

I am trying to figure out how to transition the old wood floor in the dining room with the new wood in the kitchen. The old wood floor strips are running from the dining room to the kitchen. Also, I'm going to be putting stools by the new peninsula right where the old wall used to be so I can not have an elevated transition saddle. I've attached a rough drawing of my floor plan so you can see what I mean.

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I don't have a picture (I can grab get one if you like), but I did the same thing in my current project - new wood floor in the kitchen going right into existing in the dining room. The floor installer feathered some of the new boards into the dining room floor so it looked continuous, then I had all the existing floors sanded and refinished and stained the old+new 1 color. The result is a transition that looks completely continuous and uniform.

Of course I had to refinish all my existing floors to do it. If you don't want to do that the only thing I can imagine working is a perpendicular strip to edge the new and old. It'd be impossible to match the old stain with new perfectly so you'd need something to separate the two. I have a spot in my house where the boards are mismatched so whomever installed it back in the day put a strip. I attached a picture of that.

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Hi rfruit. One contractor said it would be cheaper for me to rip up the old wood than to have the new wood floor strips feathered in. Was it costly to have the new wood feathered into the old wood? The kitchen and dining room is about the same size so I am assuming that the feathering process is quite time consuming.

In your photo, the strip looks nice and is not that noticeable. I've seen transition saddle that are almost an inch higher than the rest of the floor.

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I've weaved flooring in many times for customers. Problem with that is the new flooring must match as close as possible in specie, grade, sawing characteristics, moisture content and width...not a small order. Then the entire space has to be sanded and finished to make the whole thing look original.

It can be done, but you must hire an expert.

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Thanks glennsfc. I just got an estimate from a reputable flooring company and feathering would cost and arm and leg. I'm planning on putting a strip of wood perpendicular to the wood that is currently in and then putting in the new wood floor in the same direction as the existing wood floor.

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I have a similar situation. Can you post a picture of your new floor and the old one it transitions to?


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Sorry it took so long!

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One more pic!

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I would avoid the situation all together and either get a new floating floor for that entire level, or choose a different material. 90% of the time these transitions aren't too pleasing to the eye.

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