Chamberlain garage sensors

gmaniMay 3, 2006


I am at my wits end. I had a new GDO installed and the sensors will NOT stay aligned. I have tried everything, including a laser level. I was told that I could tape the sensors together, eye to eye, and that would allow them to "think" everything was aligned. This hasn't worked either. PLEASE HELP! I don't need the sensors as I have no children, etc. and will be happy to put them back on if I ever sell my house. Any thoughts?

Thank you so much!


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There is absolutely no way to bypass the sensors. You are going to have to figure out what is happening. Are the brackets tight? Do you store anything next to the brackets?

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Hi Don,
I have tried everything, the brackets are tight, there is absolutely nothing in the way, I have cleaned the sensor optics, etc. They re-aligned themselves one cold morning and then they were mis-aligned by the time I got home and that was the end of it. I have put them 6" apart to see if I could get the lights to come on and nothing happened. The light on the opener comes on occasionally when the door is open, as it would if the sensors were tripped, but that is as much action as I get. The keypad works fine and the openers work when I need to open the door. This is so very frustrating.....maybe I should contact the company for a warranty repair. I appreciate your comments and assistance!

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I have spoken to the company and they are sending me new sensors and bell wire.....keeping my fingers crossed!

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Great. That should take care of your problem. Let us know if possible. It would sure be fun to find out which part was bad after you get everything working. You may be past the "fun" part though.

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